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Open. inviting. self-operated.
Cramped spaces are no more

Get In The Booth is "open-air" which means that we fit as many guests as can cram into the frame.  Your guests will see everything that's happening which inspires more creativity and more interest in other guests to get in on the action. 

We put the control fully in your guests hands with a remote clicker that lets them take as many photos as they like from the booth. They can instantly see the result on the screen in front of them. Self-operated control lets guests get way more creative while not feeling like they're posing in front of a photographer. And, it also means way more photos for your event!

memories meant to last

We bring the old photo booth experience into the digital age so that your guests can have an amazing time at the party, but also leave with memories that are truly lasting and high quality.

Most photo booth prints are low quality and quickly end up in a trash can or bent in pockets by the end of the party. We skip that entirely and go straight to delivering an experience that is high quality and lasting. Get In The Booth comes with a kiosk for guests to provide their email. Within 48 hours of your event we email them direct access to an online gallery of all the photos.  They can download the high-res images, easily share them to social media, and order prints all from one place.  


create A custom Experience
your event should feel like you

We are not an equipment rental company. We are a party enhancing experience company. Whether you want custom props to custom backgrounds. We'll do whatever it takes to work with you and bring your party to life.

We also provide a booth attendant at every event to keep creativity rolling with your guests in addition to making sure the booth operates all night long without a hitch.




A Booth From The Future

Get In The Booth was custom built with design and technology to make your event better.

It looks modern, sleek, and fantastic so we don't take away from the aesthetics of your beautiful event.

It's completely dummy-proof to use. Grab the clicker from our booth attendant and fire away!  The camera and lighting technology will match professional studio quality for amazing images.





Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

Use the remote control clicker to fire unlimited photos. Each photo appears on the screen.  All photos delivered to your guest's inbox. It's that simple!

How many people fit inside?

Somewhere between 1 and A LOT.

How many Photos does it take?

Somewhere between 1 and INFINITY.

How much space is needed?

10x10x8 space within close range of a 3 prong outlet. We can give tips on picking a great location to drive traffic to the booth.

What are my background options?

The booth comes standard with a 10x8 smooth white backdrop. If you want something custom we can provide a quote or help design from scratch!

You can also DIY it: Click Here


No. We don't want every event to look the same. Sometimes the best props are what your guests find in the room! That being said, we can help you pick props for your event.

Order Props: Click Here

Animal Masks: Click Here

DIY: Click Here



Where do you travel?

Anywhere in the greater Washington DC area.

How long does it take to setup?

We need one hour prior to the start of coverage.

How do I receive the photos?

There will be a kiosk next to the Booth for your guests to enter their email address. Within 48 hours of the event they'll receive an email with a link to the gallery where they can download the high-res images, share them on social media, or order prints. 

Do you do onsite prints?

We found that on-site prints are fun, but they don't last. They get left behind, mangled in suit pockets, quickly discarded in the trash, and they are almost always low quality. We believe that the best experiences should live on. We've opted to bring the photobooth into the modern digital era with an online experience that delivers all of the high-res images and social media sharing directly to each and every guest. 

Can I use the booth outside?

Only if the outside area is covered such as under a big tent.  Otherwise we recommend inside for safety and optimal lighting setup.

How do I reserve the booth?

A 50% deposit and a signed contract locks in the date.






About Us


We are Steve & Bernadette, the husband & wife photography team behind An Endless Pursuit. We've been documenting weddings for couples in the greater Washington DC area and creating photography experiences for the past 8 years.

We can't wait to learn more about your wedding and how to bring our photobooth experience to your guests!

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